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Snack Faced

Sep 21, 2021

On this one Paul and Sarah return from a month long hiatus used to confront a burning question about shrimp tails while they eat Oreo Dip & Go cookie sticks N' creme dips.  They're talkin' mostly shrimp tails and oreos in this one y'all, honestly that's most of it.  Harrison Ford makes a very brief...

Aug 10, 2021

Y'all ever had Plout?  we neither - come try this Plout with us. Apri-plum or Plum-cot? Nah, it's Plout y'all.

Aug 3, 2021

Heinz done did it, they made Kranch y'all.

Jul 27, 2021

On this one, Paul and Sarah get totally snap'd y'all.  They're talkin' cheese theory, pool snacks, and unnecessary abbrev's. Does new Snap'd Cheezits make the cut?  Listen to find ouuutt!

Jul 13, 2021

On this one, Paul and Sarah go back to some old friends from the mountains, Ben and Jerry.  They're talkin black tar cookie dough, snackability danger, and haircuts.  Why wade through the cream - dive on into the good stuff on this snack-sized frozen episode.